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Redefine how you communicate with your audience through an integrated approach to social, mobile and web marketing.

Our solutions help you create a meaningful customer experience and ensure your brand is seen and heard in all the right places.

Connect With Kelevra

Connect With Kelevra

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Community Building
  • Grow your social media presence
  • Let people who follow you feel like they’re part of an active and engaging community
  • Get to know the people who make up your audience
Media Planning
  • Our research targets an audience that will engage with your brand
  • Real-time campaign adjustments allow us to react to the early results of campaigns and make improvements
  • Our resourceful writers create custom Blog posts to fit the needs of your brand
  • Show your audience that you care about quality, original content
Daily Content
  • We keep your brand’s social media feeds active, with research-suggested content that will be engaging to your audience
  • Never lose fans due to your feeds “going quiet” again
  • We create content schedules, giving your followers a reason to stay engaged
  • Ads we create look good on mobile and desktop
  • Cross platform consistency makes sure your websites look good on all devices
Online Fundraising
  • Meet your fundraising goal on time, every time
  • We’ll gameify the fundraiser, by using creative campaigns to make fundraising feel like fun for your audience.
  • We give your brand a website fit for the modern day
  • We give your users the ease of access they deserve
List Building
  • Our strategies will give your supporters more reason than ever to sign up for your newsletters
  • We design campaigns and activities so appealing to your audience, that they’ll gladly sign up
Brand Building
  • We create consistency in every aspect of your internet presence
  • Your website, mobile, social media, logo, e-mails, everything will look aesthetically coherent
  • People will recognize your brand after we’ve crafted your brand’s identity
  • We believe an e-mail newsletter can be so much more than just a newsletter
  • We believe in sharing content with people who have signed up, that feels rewarding, and makes the recipient feel appreciated
  • We deliver newsletters as amazing-looking as our website designs
  • Attract attention, look legit, and give customers the confidence they need to spend money on your site
  • We establish safe, secure, digital storefronts
  • Learn digital media best practices
  • Understand how to read digital media metrics
  • Maximize your potential reach and impact by making the most of your social media accounts
“We built this business on honesty, passion, and creativity. When you do good, honest work, and deliver it on time, people keep doing business with you.”
-Marcus Miller, CO-Founder

The world of social media never sleeps, the demand for quality content never fades, and the rules of best practices are always in flux. At Kelevra, we like to think of ourselves as your brand’s best friend. We know how to create and deliver content that people will like and share, and we know how to adapt in an environment where the rules are always being changed.

We will take your good ideas, turn them into great ideas, and make sure they stand out in the saturated world of social media. We collaborate with you to define your unique characteristics that will make you stand out from the rest of the pack. Our team will utilize their expertise and the results of these collaborative conversations to create a unique digital marketing strategy to put your brand in motion. Once we have defined your strategy, you will be able to communicate to your audience with a focused sense of purpose.

Kelevra Ideas is a fast moving company, with opportunities for creative writers and designers. Though we’re not always hiring, we’ll always take a look at a resume. Who knows? We might see something we like and get in touch, so what’s to lose?
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