10 Snapchat Ideas for Businesses


Your business has a Facebook, a LinkedIn, a Twitter, and an Instagram, so you’re all set with social media networks, right? Well, there’s still one more account your business ought to set up, and that’s Snapchat. With 8 billion video views per day, high youth engagement, and an accessible interface, Snapchat is invaluable to businesses, and it’s really easy to use. Take a few pictures and videos a day, add them to your story, and they’ll disappear in 24 hours. All your business needs to do is spread the word about your account, deliver the content daily, and your customers and friends will tune in daily.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started!

1. View of the building from outdoors
Before you walk inside in the morning, just take a quick picture of the building. It’s a fast and easy way to put the physical address of your business into the mind of your followers, and to showcase the local weather. Choose different angles on different days, and write short messages like “Good Morning,” and “Thank God It’s Friday,” to set the tone for the rest of your Snapchat Story.

2. A clean and organized workplace
If you don’t have a clean workspace around, find a tidy, organized co-worker, or shape up your desk – make it photogenic, flat-lay your items in an orderly fashion, and show your followers that your business runs smoothly and stylishly.

3. A casual candid photo of someone working
Find a coworker, tell them to act natural, and take a picture or video of them hard at work. A barista making coffee, a factory worker on the production line, even somebody hard at work on the computer – you’d be surprised at how something simple like this can send a big message on Snapchat. Your business is human, and people work hard to bring your followers the products they enjoy.

4. Making coffee
You don’t have to work in a coffee shop to send this Snapchat Story. Whether you have Keurig, a drip pot, or a French Press, showing your followers how the coffee gets made around your office will be of interest – plus, coffee almost always looks amazing in pictures, so anybody can take these pictures easily.

5. A teaser of something being worked on
If you’ve got an upcoming project you want to build excitement for, or even just an ordinary project you can show in the works, you can use Snapchat to build that anticipation. This is an easy way to show your followers that you’re excited about the work you do, and to get them thinking about what you can do for them.

6. View outside of the building’s window
Consider this a companion to the first Snapchat idea. You’ve taken a picture from the outside of the building in the beginning of the day, and shown people hard at work, so now it’s time to look out your window and show your followers the view from the office, storefront, or business. If the weather’s gotten better or worse, or there’s something interesting outside, write a little note to go with the picture. This is a really easy way to put the follower in your shoes, and imagining life at your business.

7. Something “Behind the Scenes”
To use the coffee shop example again, let’s say you’ve already shown the barista hard at work; but what you haven’t shown yet is somebody moving bags of coffee beans around, or washing dishes in the back. Your “Behind the Scenes” picture is one that showcases something a customer or client won’t normally see at your business, yet still suggests a positive narrative – people hard at work.

8. Lunch break
Like “Making Coffee” the lunch break Snapchat Story is simply a chance to show the casual side at your business, when things are moving at a more relaxed speed, and you get to treat yourself to a little break. Put a little music in the background, show an appetizing salad or sandwich, and continue to drive the narrative that your business isn’t just a workplace, but a place where life happens.

9. Snapchat doodle on logo
You don’t need to be an artist to send Snapchat doodles out to your followers. In fact, since you’re drawing doodles with your finger, it’s almost expected that doodles be ugly – that’s part of their charm. What you doodle on your logo doesn’t need to make sense; you can put a mustache on anything, or a hat, it doesn’t even need to be clever. Putting one of Snapchat’s daily filters or geo-filters on a photo can fill this spot too. The important thing is to show a sense of humor, to loosen the boundaries of a well-constructed brand – and a Snapchat doodle is about as casual as it gets.

10. Closing for the day
You started your business’ Snapchat Story as you entered work, so you end your Snapchat Story as you close up. Take a video as you turn off the lights in the office, or take a picture of your “Sorry, we’re closed” sign. This also works as a queue for the viewers that you’re done posting Snapchats for the day.

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