5 Things Every Nonprofit Needs To Do In October

  1. Acquire New Potential Donors
    If you want more names and e-mail addresses that you can tap into for Year-End fundraising, October is the perfect month to acquire. Why October, and not November? Because come November you should have already transitioned from growing your base, to converting your base into donors with a Giving Tuesday strategy. Splitting your efforts on both at once means you won’t be doing either as well as you could be. October is Phase 1 in your Year-End fundraiser, and it begins with acquiring new potential donors.
  2. Be Engaging On Social Media
    October is a great month to work on increasing engagement on social media. This can go hand-in-hand with your donor acquisition strategy. You want easy likes, comments, and shares so you can reach new people – and that means delivering strong content. Engaging content will give your followers (old and new) a reason to stay on board through November and December, when your messaging may be less engaging, and more about call-to-actions.
  3. Position Messaging Towards Fundraising
    Without using direct call-to-actions (save those for November and December), you’ll want to start position your messaging in October to segue into your Year-End fundraising campaign. Share posts that build your Ethos, or character. Show what percentage of every dollar donated goes directly to your cause. Talk about your organization’s history, your record of success. Who founded the organization? How long has it been around? Build character around your organization so that when you do ask for money, your followers will know that they can trust you.
  4. Show The Good You Do
    October is a great month to share your emotional success stories. Save your best stories for last (in November and December), but take October as an opportunity to show all of the new people you’re acquiring why they should consider making donations down the road. We mentioned building Ethos before; but you need a strong Pathos as well. You need to build an emotional bridge in October that you can walk across later.
  5. Finalize Your November and December Plans
    If it hasn’t been clear yet, what makes October so important is how much of an impact it can have on your Year-End fundraising. You don’t need to come out of October with a final draft of your New Year’s Eve newsletter, but you should have a blueprint of your Year-End fundraiser. You should be able to answer these questions come November 1st: What are we doing for Giving Tuesday? What’s the central theme of our Year-End campaign? What’s our Year-End campaign called? Which stories, photos, and resources do we need for our Year-End campaign?

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