Inside Sales Representative

(Minimum 3 years of previous experience)
Our Inside Sales Rep must be ready to handle the challenges of bringing in new B2B and B2C deals. Bring in new partners to work with Kelevra Ideas, and get our services into the hands of new clients. We offer above-average commission rates.

Outside Sales Representative

(Minimum 3 years of previous experience)
Sociable, friendly, and above all, persuasive, all Outside Sales Representatives applicants must come prepared to close big deals for Kelevra Ideas. You must have a long, established, and successful history in sales to even be considered for this position. To those up to the task, we do offer above-average commission rates.

Junior Web Programmer

(Minimum 3 years of previous experience)
Fluent in Java, our Junior Web Programmer will be responsible for developing digital storefronts for businesses, websites for clients, landing pages for non-profit fundraisers,and interactive content for high social media engagement. High priority work can end up on the Junior Web Programmer’s desk at any moment, so flexibility is a must.

Junior Graphic Designer

(Minimum 3 years of previous experience)
A master of Photoshop and Illustrator, our Junior Graphic Designer needs to be more than proficient with digital arts tools, they also must have a well-practiced designer’s intuition. It’s one thing to be creative, it’s another thing to be creative while staying inside of a brand’s carefully crafted visual identity.


Graphic Design Intern

Our Graphic Design Intern must have an innate or developing talent for digital arts, and be willing to learn from our Junior and Senior Graphic Designers. Our Graphic Design Interns have an opportunity to expand their portfolio greatly within a short time, developing logos, branding, and content for clients. Interns can work for college – credits, or alternatively, monthly-stipends.

Programming Intern

For those on their way to full-time programming careers, the Programming Internship at Kelevra Ideas is a great first step. We need smart, intuitive minds to develop webpages, mobile pages, and other interactive web projects, such as apps. The Programming Intern will also work closely with the Junior and Senior Web Programmer’s work, ensuring that web pages are bug-free. Interns can work for college-credits, or alternatively, monthly-stipends.

Account Management Intern

Our Account Management Intern will work closely with Kelevra Ideas sales reps,learning how to make sales, reach out to new clients, and develop their personal communication skills. For those working towards full-time sales work, or with aspirations of becoming account executives, this will be a helpful first step. Interns can work for college – credits, or alternatively, monthly-stipends.