5 Things Every Nonprofit Needs To Do In October

Acquire New Potential Donors If you want more names and e-mail addresses that you can tap into for Year-End fundraising, October is the perfect month to acquire. Why October, and not November? Because come November you should have already transitioned from growing your base, to converting your base into donors with a Giving Tuesday strategy.[…]

Top 4 Things We’ve Learned From One Month Of Facebook Reactions

At Kelevra Ideas we manage the Facebook accounts of several organizations and charities at national and local levels, businesses, multilingual communities, as well as institutes of higher education and their athletic organizations. These audiences vary greatly in age and interests, so it’s been interesting to watch how Facebook reactions are used by such a wide[…]

10 Snapchat Ideas for Businesses

  Your business has a Facebook, a LinkedIn, a Twitter, and an Instagram, so you’re all set with social media networks, right? Well, there’s still one more account your business ought to set up, and that’s Snapchat. With 8 billion video views per day, high youth engagement, and an accessible interface, Snapchat is invaluable to[…]

Social Media Predictions for 2016

Snapchat: Will get its act together. Snapchat has had, let’s call it, an experimental 2015. It launched sponsored lenses, sponsored discover channels, a lens store, and other forms of advertisements. These experiments come fast and hard, with some coming and going before we ever really got to know them (the lens store only lasted 2[…]

5 Strategies for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday

Respect Thanksgiving, Consider Opting Out of Black Friday Outdoor sporting goods retailer REI became a trending topic for announcing that they were closing their locations on Black Friday. REI encouraged people to #OptOutside rather than go shopping, and that was amazing PR for them. Opting out of Black Friday isn’t right for every brand, but[…]

5 Steps for Correcting a Failing Campaign

You’ve launched a campaign, and despite following your usual recipe for success, it’s failing to bring the engagement that you were looking for. You hate to be in this position, and sometimes it’s unavoidable, but a failing campaign is not a lost cause—and you can recover from it. Prepare for the worst of times with[…]

10 Steps To Instagram Success

Kelevra Blog: “10 Steps To Instagram Success” Is your brand ignoring Instagram? It really shouldn’t be! Instagram is a huge, highly active, high engagement social media environment. With over 300 million active users, 70 million new photos posted a day, and 5 billion photo likes a day, Instagram should not be ignored. It’s been called[…]