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Kelevra Ideas understands that the way we are communicating and engaging with our audiences is evolving more rapidly than ever. In the dynamic environment of healthcare, understanding that complex issues deserve complex solutions, is key. We are a full-service healthcare & non-profit agency propelling brands and organizations to the forefront of change.

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William Fletcher & Marcus Miller have over 30 years combined experience in Multi-Channel Marketing. The two met in 2008 while working as colleagues at a start-up agency in Pittsburgh, PA. Despite having very different backgrounds, Marcus as an artist, and William as a business strategist, the two connected over a shared vision that was broader and more cutting edge than what their employer was willing to provide to clients. In 2011, the two resigned, and founded Kelevra Ideas. Since forming the agency, the two have been able to combine their respective talents into what has become a proven formula for success. Their clients have been known to describe them as delivering Madison Avenue quality, at a Pittsburgh cost.


Eagle Pharmaceuticals
Detroit Weight Loss

Eagle Pharmaceuticals


Detroit Weight Loss


Detroit Weight Loss

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Detroit Weight Loss

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Detroit Weight Loss


Detroit Weight Loss

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Eagle Pharmaceuticals


Eagle Pharmaceuticals


Eagle Pharmaceuticals

ProSnacks Pretzel Bites Ad




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Services We Offer

Our team of strategists and creatives view these unique issues as challenges, not barriers. We specialize in identifying and meeting your specific needs through the following services & channels.

Multi-Channel Marketing solutions

  • Wide distribution strategy
  • Cross-device reach
  • Guaranteed brand awareness

Strategic Planning

  • Bespoke marketing strategies
  • Unique solutions for your needs
  • No cookie-cutter campaigns

Market Research

  • Relevant, usable data points
  • Customer demographics, Industry trends
  • New opportunities and competitor weaknesses

Healthcare Provider Resources

  • Dosing and Administration Guides
  • Patient Profiles
  • Demonstration Videos

Direct to Consumer Marketing

  • Best-in-class customer profiling
  • Remove guesswork from the equation
  • Website design, social media strategy

Non-Personal Promotion

  • Work around hospital restrictions
  • Reach physicians with creative digital efforts
  • Improve sales-to-physician relationships

Unbranded Advertising Campaigns

  • Full suite of unbranded materials
  • Compliments branded advertising efforts
  • Disease state awareness and patient advocacy

Social Media

  • Meaningful, purpose-driven content
  • Turn skeptics into supporters
  • Turn followers into brand advocates

Web & Mobile Application Development

  • Maximize ease of use
  • Top-notch design
  • Function and form

Disease State Awareness Campaigns

  • Seasoned medical writing staff w/decades of experience
  • Reach physicians, patients, and more
  • Communicate urgency, compassion, and medical need


  • In-depth, informative, and captivating presentations
  • Increase brand awareness in the medical field
  • Improve product reputation within your industry

Project Management

  • From initiation through execution
  • Optimize your project workflow
  • Increase productivity

Media Planning & Execution

  • Unique combination of ad networks, targeting, and media
  • Tailored to fit your strategic objectives
  • Results are carefully monitored

Convention Planning

  • Booth design and materials
  • Hotel and travel logistics
  • A seamless convention experience from start to finish

Patient HUB Promotion

  • Foster patient loyalty through surveys, rewards and contests
  • Provide return customers with special benefits
  • Appointment reminders, health reports, and direct messages

Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine learning software
  • Optimize anything from advertising campaigns to web design
  • Turn noise into tangible data points

Virtual Events

  • Don’t get stuck in the past with outdated virtual events
  • Keep things fresh to retain and grow your audience
  • Stay up to date with new virtual norms and expectations

Video Production

  • Keep video production costs down with effective storyboarding
  • Efficient turnaround times
  • Video remains one of the strongest tools for any brand



We first hired Kelevra for graphic design in 2018. Initially they were assigned to create selling tools for our flagship product, RYANODEX®(dantrolene sodium), but their quality of work and reliable on-time delivery motivated us to explore Kelevra's full suite of services for the launch of our generic bendamustine HCl injection. Kelevra gave our sales reps everything they needed for a successful launch. The breadth of their capabilities continued to impress us through 2019, as Kelevra played a vital role in the launch of BELRAPZO®. When the time comes, I trust Kelevra's services will make for more smooth product launches complete with websites, product selling tools, and healthcare provider resources.

Sherry Korczynski
Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations,
Eagle Pharmaceuticals

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