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The healthcare industry is complicated, and often highly regulated. For some, the creativity stops there. Our team of strategists and creatives view these unique issues as challenges, not barriers.
Marketing departments and the U.S. Healthcare Industry have a tricky relationship. On one hand, you’ve got the FDA with its set of advertising and promotional guidelines, and on the other hand
you’ve got advertising networks with their own set of rules further complicating matters.
When you need to navigate the waters of regulatory restrictions to deliver effective marketing – trust in an agency who has done it before. Kelevra Ideas has worked extensively with
pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and tech companies in the medical sector. We know what it’s like to spend late nights brainstorming new ways to market products in a highly regulated industry because we’ve been there before.
Whether reaching out to patients, healthcare providers, or medical institutions, Kelevra Ideas knows how to craft a compelling marketing strategy, pushing boundaries in creative ways, without taking regulatory risks. Our dedicated copywriters are fast learners, and will educate themselves on the disease state of your product, so they in turn can educate your audience.

Take a look at just some of our capabilities:

Commercial Capabilities

Kelevra has worked with an extensive list of healthcare systems, providers, manufacturers, and patient/ advocacy organizations. From experience with commercial launches to well-established brands, we have specialized experience in the following areas:

Logo Design & Brand Identity

Patient/consumer Marketing campaigns & Patient centric marketing strategy

Disease State Awareness Campaigns

Media Monitoring

Branded and unbranded product Launch Plans

HCP focused Education and Outreach tactics

Communications Strategy

Personal Promotion/Sales Support and Resources

Creative Non-personal promotion and Digital Advertising solutions

Comprehensive Web & Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Media Planning & Execution

Mobile Application

*Extensive experience and knowledge in FDA Advertising & Promotional Guidelines for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Digital/Non-Personal Promotion

Web development Targeted email campaigns, banner ads, and additional “surround sound” to support sales Strategic advertising with Medical colleges and congresses (print & digital) Banner ads driving traffic to corporate and product websites Social Media Tradeshow Planning & Virtual Solutions Booth design, working with tradeshow production companies Patient/Provider HUB marketing and support Experience with driving engagement/enrollment Wholesaler & GPO Marketing & Communication Strategies around Reimbursement, Coding, and Billing

Personal Promotion & Sales Support

Sell Sheets & leave-behinds Product Brochures Detail pieces (print & digital) White papers In-service presentations Product Theaters

Based on the experience of our employees and vendors we have worked with, we have a strong network of the following partners:

Our Extended Network

Commercial Consultants

Printing & fulfillment

Tradeshow Booth


Market Research

PR/Crisis Management in

Market Research

EMR/EHR advertising